Gorilla Conservation

Donate to conservation organizations working to protect mountain gorillas.

Since mountain gorillas are an endangered species of the wild, they do need our protection in order to keep in existence. Though mountain gorillas are very strong animals and can survive even in the harsh cold environments (they only reside in areas of high altitudes – 2000 to 2500 meters and above, the sea level), they are still very fragile creatures that need serious attention and care (that is why we have gorilla doctors caring for their health).

In order to play a role in the conservation, management, maintenance and protection of mountain gorillas, tourists / travellers are encouraged to donate money to the organizations working on ground for the wellbeing and conservation of these endangered species and the other wildlife.

There are several operating organizations with an aim of environmental conservation and wildlife protection and among these we have; MGVP (Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project), WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) , The Gorilla Organization, (WWF) World Wildlife, ( AWF) African Wildlife Foundation, ( IGCP) the International Gorilla Conservation Programme and so many others. These organizations have spent decades working together to protect and conserve the area and ensure the gorilla population endures. Their efforts have helped increase the population of these endangered species in the world today and have increased to 15% so far. They work at obtaining the best effective methods for protecting mountain gorillas and some the minority organizations are usually surviving on grants and donations to run their activities and services for the animals’ interests.For example the IGCP (International Gorilla Conservation Programme and WWF (World Wide Fund) are always supporting African countries of DRC, Uganda and Rwanda for the wellbeing of nature in its natural form.                                                                                                                However, donors are advised to always evaluate the organizations for which they might be planning to provide aid. Tis evaluation and research can be done on the performance of the organization in archiving its mission and goals set for the wellbeing of mountain gorillas, research on the methods used by the organization to accomplish its established goals, organization’s history on the implementation of its works, what challenges is it facing in its implementation procedures, etc.

The Gorilla Doctors under MGVP, do nurture mountain gorillas and offer them direct life-saving medical care in the wild.

As a matter of fact, the current research has discovered that the work of the Gorilla Doctors together with that of thepark rangers and trackers ( in their anti-poaching efforts), have led to about to 40% of the growth of the human-habituated mountain gorilla population in the Virunga Ranges of Africa in de last decade.

To make donations, one can always visit the mountain gorilla conservation and protecting organizations.

Therefore, to contribute in the conservation and protection of mountain gorillas in the Virunga ranges of Africa, you are also encouraged to render support to the game rangers that always sacrifice to save animals in the wild, as a matter of fact, “ The wildlife Conservation Society has pledged a certain amount in the specialty of supporting game rangers and guards together with their families hence leading to an intensified security for the animals and their endurance from hungry human activities. (By saving the guards, the animals too are saved),

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