Gorilla Trekking in DR Congo Gaining Momentum

Following an increase of Rwanda Gorilla permit costs, travellers have decided to get alternative Gorilla trekking destinations in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. In other words, Rwanda made an automatic marketing strategy for Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo’s Gorillas which has boosted the two country’s tourism industries. On 6th may 2017, Rwanda increased the cost of their Gorilla permits from US$ 750 to US$ 1500 per permit which caused a negative out come to the tourism industry and the entire economy of Rwanda.

Since DR. Congo is among Rwanda neighbors, this was automatic pass for it to revive her tourism Industry through Gorilla trekking. DR. Congo is second largest nation in Africa after Algeria. DR. Congo is one of the richest countries in Africa as far as tourism is concerned. The country has virgin tourist potentials ranging from Drainage, relief, wild animals, vegetation, birds, and culture and so on.

It should be noted that DR. Congo is among African countries gifted with low land Gorillas and Mountain Gorillas.  Therefore, DR. Congo has a lot to offer in tourism industry…. More so, the country is gifted with chimpanzees, birds and other wild animals.

The most visited parks in DR. Congo include Virunga National park (Home of Gorillas), kahuzi-biega National park, Garamba National park and so on. On the other hand Virunga National park received the largest number of tourists because of the following reasons:

-It is easily accessible from Goma city (30 minutes’ drive)

-It hosts both mountain and Low land Gorillas.

-Viunga National park is situated in politically stable area guarded by United Nations Organization Army in conjunction with DR. Congo Army.

-It offers the best view of Virunga ranges. Mikeno Volcano, Nyamuragira Volcano, Nyiragongo Volcano among others mostly seen while in Virunga National park.

-The low cost of Gorilla permit at US$ 400 each as also promotes Gorilla trekking in DR. Congo. Her counter parks Uganda at US$ 600 and Rwanda at US$ 1500 per permit.

Among other strategies to promote tourism in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), all tourists are escorted and guarded by the national army from the boarder to the park and back. That gives confidence to the tourists to go gorilla trekking in DR. Congo.

Gorilla trekking is among the most exciting activities in the world – therefore, everybody should enjoy it before death and looking into the eye of a gorilla is a life changing event.

Some people believe that Democratic Republic of Congo offers the best gorilla trekking experience because trekkers move through fresh or virgin habitat of the might virunga region.  The habitat are still fresh because of few trekkers who have been trekking Gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo in the past years.

In the past years, Gorilla trekking in DRC has been hindered by unpredictable security causing fear and tension to the tourists forcing them to divert to Rwanda and Uganda. Alongside DRC, Uganda has also gained a lot from the increase of Rwanda Gorilla permits to the extent of receiving more than 100 Gorilla trekkers every day.

Catching Up with Great Sceneries & Gorillas in the Virunga

Volcano Mountains make one chill outside a hotel room as you watch yellow butterflies; birds and other insects catch up the sunrise warmth. Starting a day with only extreme sceneries make you imagine how it feels to stand or squat in front of the shy gentle silent charming human, the mountain gorillas. Truly if it wasn’t their hairy body gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo look and act like humans. However in the smallest Africa country, lush wilderness connects three international boarders which made it get a new name as the middle margins of Africa beauty and wildlife. One can choose to track gorillas In two different countries especially Uganda and Rwanda or Congo and Uganda because the only simple ride pops in when searching for the park headquarters.

Just the latest, travellers cross from Rwanda to Democratic Republic of Congo to climb and witness the live volcanoes of Nyirangongo and Nyinamulagira after their Rwanda gorilla tracking safari a great experience in Africa looking at the dazzling lava lake on top of the Nyirangogo volcano .Its un believable to track mountain gorillas in multiple gorilla paradise ending each gorilla trek with decade memories and thousand stories to tell. Indeed to those who have ever tracked mountain gorillas in their home can bear witness of how it feels to meet them for the first time a jungle chat. Thousands visit volcanoes national park every year to get a close look at the popularized famed Mountain Gorillas by Dian fossey and currently the world’s 880 mountain gorillas have become the regions prime attraction as well as the most income generating venture in Rwanda than any other export. Many hotels and lodging facilities have been built near the park to offer tourists comfortable memorable stays in the land of gorillas. Even connectivity between the parks has been made easy with direct gorilla flights operated by different chatter airlines owned by private air travel companies.

Other travellers can connect by road using safari vehicles which enable tourists to discover all the region gorilla lands in depth. This is one of the most successful Africa conservation adventure in the entire world. The natural forests and its surrounding is too beautiful and busy each day serving guests of different interests .The region’s star-crossed treasures were actually set long ago by researchers and conservationists making the East Africa region an outstanding tourist destination. The hilly farm lands also keep Rwanda travellers busy and entertained for decades. All types of Africa safaris can be done in the blessed land of apes, wildlife tours, primate Africa safaris, cultural tour adventures, bird watching among others.


3 Days Bwindi Fly In Gorilla Safari

This three days fly in safari to Bwindi impenetrable national park will help to reduce on the long journey from Kampala Uganda’s capital and largest city to the park since it takes about 9-10 hour on the way. This gorilla safari has become very popular as tourists can fly from Entebbe to the park in the shorted period of time. So arrangements can be made with us to organize you a scheduled safari with Aero link to give you the best.

Day one: Fly to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Wake up early for a morning breakfast and then after you will be transferred to Entebbe Airport for your internal flight to Kihihi Airstrip which is the closest Airstrip that can accommodate large crafts the flight from Entebbe to Bwindi takes about one to one a half hours depending on the routing. From here you will be picked up by our driver/guide that will then be transferred by road to your booked accommodation in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Transfers by road to lodges also take up to between one to two hours. Arrive at the park for relaxation and leisure as you’re waiting for tomorrow breathtaking activity that’s gorilla tracking. Overnight at your Lodge (Please contact us for your choice of accommodation.

Day 2: tracking gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Wake up early in the morning for a cup of tea / coffee and later with packed lunch and bottled water head to the park headquarters for a short briefing about the dos and don’ts while with the gorillas and also get assigned to the group booked for. After, follow the ranger guide to the jungle to begin the search for these giants possibly one of the most exciting activities on earth. Gorilla tracking is unpredictable as it may take between 2- 8 hours in jungle looking for them and meeting them depends on their movement so a reasonable degree of fitness is required comfortable boots or sturdy shoes, as well a light rain jacket are also important due to the unpredictable weather of Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Ounce gorillas are found you will forget all the troubles you’ve gone through and begin watching them, sit in the forest among the gorillas listening to them grumble to each others and marvel at the dominant male the silverback. Study their behaviors and also take photos. After this wonderful activity retire back to the lodge for relaxation and if you have energy in the evening go for a cultural tour and visit the neighboring community interact with them and learn more of their culture. Come back for dinner and an overnight at luxury mahogany springs, Kitandala tended camp, chameleon hill, budget Wagtail Eco Lodge Buhoma community Bandas.

Day 3: Fly back to Entebbe International Airport

On this day, you may choose to fly back with the morning flight that departs Kihihi/Kisoro at 9:45 and arrives Entebbe at 11:55am or the afternoon flight from Kihihi at 2:05 and land at Entebbe at 3:30pm to meet your departure flight back home.

End of the Safari