Year of the Gorilla trip to African States



Year of the Gorilla Ambassador Ian Redmond to mark the Year of the Gorilla in 2009, embarked on a dangerous quest to sub-saharan Africa. His mission: to visit no fewer than all 10 gorilla range states to see how these magnificent animals are faring and to speak face to face with politicians, conservationists, poachers, loggers and anybody else with links to the gorillas’ sitution.

Beginning in the comparatively serene Gloucestershire town of Stroud (UK) on 9 August, Ian Redmond flew from London to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to begin his adventure. He tried to use public transport where possible, though the sheer distances involved meant he often had to take planes.

So what happened? He made it to eight of the 10 countries, and seven of them let him in. Read the brand-new BBC Wildlife Magazine artice here (Pdf).

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